Think back for a moment to your earliest memories of photos from your parents’ wedding album. The one recollection of most weddings is the towering confection: the glorious wedding cake. To make your wedding cake the sweet stuff of dreams, give special attention to your cake’s overall design and look, for it is a once in a lifetime confection.

Your wedding cake is a delicate matter as well as an important one. But no need to worry, here are some helpful ways to order your cake.

After you and your new spouse have enjoyed the first slice of cake, the hostess will take over, cutting pieces for guests. Designate this person in advance and remember to save the top layer for your anniversary. Tightly wrapped in plastic, then a layer of foil, and stashed in a box in your freezer until a day before your anniversary, it will be a sweet reminder of your special day.

Some ideas to consider include:

  • Sculpted basket weave motif
  • Icing stripes accented with icing swags around each tier.
  • Fresh flowers with swatches of greenery
  • Floral design (fresh flowers, silk or frosting flowers)
  • The number of tiers
  • Style of decorations
  • Craftsmanship
  • Family heirloom or personal favorite
  • All these factors play a role in the design and style you want to achieve.

Who: At Cakes Galore, we have the flexibility to create any design, in any flavor, of cake. This way, we prove our credibility, expertise, and experience. Referrals are available from caterers, florists, and banquet halls.

When: The original booking should be placed 6-8 months in advance. The actual design, flavor and cake choice should be placed no later than three weeks prior to the wedding date.

How: Visit our bakery. We specialize in wedding cakes and often have some on display. Compare our prices, quality, designs, and most importantly, service.